Welcome to my blog.
I guess now that you took the time to visit my blog, I should give something back… So here is my story!

The life of me.
My name is Johannes, at the time of writing I’m 31 years old, I live in the southern parts of Sweden, close to Malmö and Copenhagen and far away from polar bears.
For the last 6 or so years I have been working as a developer at three different companies, after hitting a wall a while back I finally decided that I would “run by my own” and started a company. Its still in a very early phase, but it makes me happy to work with the stuff that I like the most!
My career with programming and the likes probably started when I was a kid – back in the early nineties – and we bought our first computer, a Mac Classic…
My first attempts with development was with HyperCard and later on Macromedia director, making small games and videos.
After a few years, while in middleschool, I started to play around with HTML and JavaScript. Remember, this was years ago, way before any fancy ecma5 or similar, I never really liked JS nor the Markup stuff which was connected to HTML, but I kept playing around with it.

The years went by and I graduated highschool. At this point I was so tired with school that I didn’t have any motivation going on with higher studies. So I took a year at which I intended to work instead… Yeah, as it is, there where no jobs. I spent about a year as unemployed and/or in different programs for kids without jobs. At the end, it was too much, so I decided to go back to school.

Level1 – WebDesign
After my period of no cash and no job, I applied to a webdesign programme at a “folk high school” which I attended for a year.
The design parts of the program was kind of fun, but what I liked the most was the small parts of PHP that I had the chance to get introduced to.
Now I’m sure people will frown “oh my god, the poor thing, php!”, well… It was the first programming language of any sort that I was introduced to (not counting the script parts in HC and Director nor the nasty JS!), and it was not something I stuck with for long.

Level2 – C#.net
Quite directly after the webdesign program I decided to apply to another school. This time it was a “C#.net programme”, a education at a polytechnic education which was supposed to run for two years. Sadly, I only attended the first year, because – even though it was not supposed to be like that – the education was directed to people with a bit more experience than me within the field of programming.
I left the school after a year, I had not learnt much but it gave me a taste for more programming.

Level3 – TGA
I spent a year or so working at different factories and such, and right before the summer I got a mail from “The Game Academy” (later The Game Assembly) in Malmö, which was a newly founded polytechnic education within game development (they had programs for programmers and artists back then). I did not hesitate and applied for the programme. After interviews and a long wait for results I finally got a letter from TGA…
I was accepted!
I don’t think that I have ever learnt so much so fast. TGA was a intensive education. A school which intention was to be able to release us into the wild as fully hire-able game devs. And they did deliver.
When I finally finished the education (which included 7 months of internship) I was hired as a Gameplay and GUI programmer at the company at which I had my internship at, Junebud AB.

Work work work
I worked at Junebud for a while, probably one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had ever, but sadly – in 2012 – the company went bankrupt and we all lost our jobs.
I went to a few interviews and at the end I ended up at Talkative Labs (also in Malmö).
Talkative was my first more general programming job, it was not a game studio, but rather Web and application development.
And this is when I was reintroduced to JavaScript.
I’ve always felt that its kinda funny how little a language can evolve in 10 years or so, because seriously, JS was not much better back in 2012 than in 2002. NodeJs was a good-ish idea, but before ecma6 and without the use of Typescript or similar, with callback hell and before promises was something commonly used, it was messy… like really messy!
I had fun, but after a couple of years and a while after I moved away from Malmö I felt that it was time to move on.
I started working at Auranest AB in my new hometown Lund (same town as I was born in and lived my first 18 or so years). Here I worked with PHP and NodeJs. Node because I had experience with it, PHP because it was the company language of choice.
I worked mainly with the php-backend and with crawlers and such using JS, it was fun, but not the job or the assignments of my dreams.
And then I left.

In October 2016 I decided that it was time for me to no longer work for someone else.
I started Jitesoft. And here I am!

And that’s my life!


TLDR; My name is Johannes and I’m a programmer.